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Communication Research and Alternative Tools for Everyone

CREATE TOOLS is a team of creative and enterprising people committed to communication, research, training and production of alternative media tools in print, audio-visual and digital media for growth and development of communities. Services: Communication Studies, Social Research, Media Resources, Training and Networking.

That they will see, hear and understand
Those who have were not told about Him will see and those who have not heard will understand
Romans 10:21, Isaiah 52:15

Today, to transmit messages, we have several media but to communicate and lead people to understanding, we need an Alternative Media.

Why Alternative?
What is the most effective media for communicating values and influencing the behaviour of people?

Mass Media can reach large number of audience simultaneously at the same time. Printed material stays longer and more people can read it. It can be stored and retrieved. Radio and Television can reach any number of people in any part of the world, crossing geographical, political and man-made barriers. Internet is capable of reaching larger number of people around the world, easily retrievable and reusable and comparatively is the most economic medium today in communicating a message.

So we have more material, messages and programmes in stores, bookshelves, and in the air than what people can read, hear, and see and understand. But we have many more people in our country, to whom our messages have not yet reached. There are millions of people in India, who do not read a book or a newspaper, listen to a radio, watch a TV programme or have even seen a computer.

It will not be too much of exaggeration to say that in India, more than 90% of the media materials consumed are by 10% of the population.

Majority of the Indian population are rural and they live in more than 6,00,000 villages and speak more than 1,000 languages and dialects.
The information-rich are flooded with messages over and over again while the information-poor never even get a chance to hear it once!

Today in India, the most modern and most primitive communities co-exist. We have electronic, traditional and stone–age societies living in the same geographical region. The communication methods of these people are diverse as their language, culture and practices are. These people do not use most of the gospel messages and teaching material available today.

How can they hear unless someone goes to them and speak? How can someone go unless they are sent?

No medium is an alternative to the messenger itself.

What is Alternative?
Alternative media is the communication tools, the messenger carries to the people where they are. Christian Communicators have to become messengers carrying the message rather than being just senders. The messengers can become the medium, as well as the message.

In conventional media, most of the communication is sender oriented. The senders of messages serve their need or purposes. They produce and send messages but never become its messengers.

A Christian missionary can use the electronic media to assist in his communication. The way he uses the medium is not commercial but to help his people. Therefore, alternative media tools or resources are to create or build up communities and to liberate them from captivity. The content, format and production of the alternative Media tools will be suitable to the people who receive it and the missionary or worker who use it. Based on the purposes, I would like to classify these media tools in to two-mobilization tools and witnessing tools.

Mobilization Tools
“The harvest is plentiful but labourers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest therefore to send more labourers into His harvest field.” Matthew 9:37
More workers (messengers), more prayer supporters and more resources have to be mobilized. Mobilization Tools are printed materials, audio-visual presentations and documentaries to motivate the people to give and go to the places where people are needy, least reached, marginalized and exploited.

Video Peoples Profiles
These profiles or presentations will project the unreached or needy people. These short films will challenge individuals, families, groups and churches to get involved in missions.

Witnessing Tools
These are evangelistic resources, which the grass root level missionary or NGO can use among the needy people. Since most of the villagers and tribals are illiterate, these resources will be audio-visual presentations- audios, 35 mm slide presentations and videos. The content of these presentations will be relevant and the format according to the communication style of the people. Biblical stories, community lessons and teachings for behavioral changes can be enacted using the local people.

Alternative Media Tools are economic, liberative, interactive and participatory. It is aimed at developing people and building new communities with values of the Kingdom of God.

Pray for the Least Covered Peoples of India
That they will see, hear and understand
Those who have were not told about Him will see
and those who have not heard will understand
-Romans 10:21, Isaiah 52:15

Read about an unknown people group. Learn how they live and what they practice, in your time alone or together with your family you can pray for these marginal’ people, day after day, round the year. When God bless these peoples will He leave you and your children who prayed for them, unblessed?

CREATE Tools can help you pray, by providing stories and information about the most needy people of India. Create Tools is planning to producing the following media tools:
-A Prayer Diary with the least covered or written people groups.
-Detailed profiles of peoples in print for wider readership
-An alternative interactive website to publish above profiles

-Video Profiles of selected least reached peoples of India.

These involve the CREATE Tools team going into the unreached people groups, stay among them, study and ‘absorb’ their life, to produce the mobilization tools. During these visit and stay, we will also do enough research to produce gospel/ developmental tools on a second phase.

You can be part of this alternative media mission
-You can be a member of CREATE Tools and involve in thinking, planning strategies and promoting the vision.
-You can be a researcher or correspondent/resource person in surveying writing, photographing, recording or editing.
-You can be a prayer partner or a sponsor for the following:
-Production of a prayer diary
-Production of a Video Peoples Profile
-Production of the alternative website
-Support of a researcher
-A field trip to a most needy people group
-Purchase or acquisition of basic tools for the production.

If you would like to stand with us in the unfinished task by mobilizing people through prayer, please contact us at:

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